FFastFill is the leading SaaS Provider for trading and risk management serving the electronic trading community.



FFastFill’s global order book is a multi-asset class, simultaneous order book that offers a multi-location view of all executed, partially executed and working orders, both on a real time, daily and historical basis.

TrackingPro provides a complete list of all trade executions, both manual and electronic, allowing the trader, broker, client and management to determine their current position in the market. This tracking capability provides all the requirements needed by intermediaries to manage their listed brokerage business with certainty.

When used in tandem with the risk management functionality, it provides extensive filters and trade allocation tools for global exchanges.

This capability can be applied in conjunction with a number of execution, middle office and back office systems. It also includes a full audit trail that will satisfy the regulatory requirements of exchanges, internal compliance and the regulatory authorities.



  • Multi-location view of all executed partially executed and working orders, on a real-time and historical basis
  • Interfaces to execution, middle office and back office systems
  • Full audit trail to satisfy all regulatory requirements
  • All asset classes covered
  • Centralised security to allow user applicable functionality
  • Seamless connectivity to electronic execution applications
  • Flexibility of order and strategy types



FFastFill Tracking Pro can be used to register traded away orders which will also contribute to a user’s risk position and will enter the full STP process. Order’s can be entered though a wizard or drop-down form where templates can be created to aid the rapid entry of orders. Additional features include the ability to add commissions to a trade, automatic entry of the other side of the trade and delayed exports for adjustments.


The orders view allows the user to customise the view of orders and trades by using the extensive filtering capabilities. This view is dynamic and updates in real time as orders are submitted and adjusted or pulled.

In accordance with regulatory requirements, the historical database contains up to seven years of data by publishing the history of data changes to the millisecond, along with the before and after data values associated with the change. The Order History enables compliance to the stringent controls of many regulators. Tools also allow the user to see the average traded price based on the filtered order book view.

FFastFill’s Global Order Book allows for post-trade splitting and allocation of trades which are then fed through to the middle and back office processes. The granular nature of the system allows permissioning of the order book view to individual clients or groups of users. In addition, the front-end can be branded and offered to clients to allow them to post-allocate their own trades across a number of accounts.

The Global Order Book interfaces to an extensive number of middle and back office systems to provide users with full straight through - processing (STP) from trade capture to back-end processing, inclusive of a full audit trail to satisfy the requirements of exchanges, internal compliance and regulatory authorities. The details contained within the application allow the trader, trading management and Compliance teams to determine their current position in the market, identify trading trends and provide a real-time record of order statuses with a complete audit trail for order processing.


  • Global order view in real time
  • Order history showing trades, amendments and allocations
  • Full independent audit trail of all data
  • Manual order entry to capture orders for
    products traded on non-electronic exchanges or over the counter instruments
  • User definable trade allocation tools
  • Covers all exchange recognised order types and strategies, plus a selection of other order types not supported by all exchanges, i.e. icebergs
  • View and amend the allocation of orders to clients
  • Comprehensive reporting includes automatic emailing of selected information to pre-defined addresses
  • Used in conjunction with FFastFill risk management the order book can provide total exposure and operational control